Diamond Door Products follows the same set of performance specifications as other door manufacturers following the Steel Door Institute (SDI) requirements, as well as other correlative standards.  Several SDI documents are included for easy reference to various standards and tolerances.


More recently, there has been a push to greater R/U values to achieve higher building envelope energy efficiencies.  This has pushed several industries to provide a more accurate R/U value for their products.  For doors it means testing the complete door assembly versus just noting the door core value.  The most current test for a door assembly is ASTM C 1363-2011.  Diamond has achieved a U value of .47 for it's standard door system.  Greater values can be gained with upgrades and additional hardware components.  In addition, this standard door system has been tested for air infiltration with a result of .19 cfm/ft2, which easily passes the .30 cfm/ft2 requirement to meet the energy code.