Although we have a large selection of doors, frame, and hardware, typically a customer will want to narrow the scope of the order program.  The options are limitless but there are basic decisions that will drive the stock program, preassembled program or project ordering.  It is our desire to be a full line supplier, so that a builder has every choice and option needed for every project.  It may not be possible through a stocking program but ask about nonstandard or special items if they do not show up on a stocking program list.

Common Components

    *  3070, 4070, and 6070 Door Systems

    *  20 gauge doors - textured or smooth skins (optional 18 gauge)

    *  Polystyrene core - R value of 6 (optional polyurethane core with an R of 11)

    *  Grade 2 lever lock (options for other grades and knob designs)

    *  Additional hardware - panics, mortise levers, closers, kickplates, plus many more

    *  Lite kits - with or without glass (single glazed tempered or insulated)

    *  Miscellaneous - weatherseal, threshold, sweep (accessory kits)

    *  Knock Down Doors are polybagged and surround with corrugated wrap.  Corrugated frame boxes include the frame, hardware and accessories.   Larger hardware items come in their own boxes.

    *  Preassembled Doors come in a wood surround package.  Special skid on the bottom, top lid, and side runners.  Plus end caps for a total envelope.

    *  Standard colors are white, bronze, and gray.  But other colors are available on demand per order.  Please view our tab "paint" for further information on our finish paint and top coat option.

   Project Ordering (both knock down and preassembled door systems)

   Many projects will have speficiations that are required to be met, or are used as a guide to provide equivalent products.  Or a customer will have certain preferences they have based on unique wall applications or a familiarity with certain brands or types of products. 

   Since Diamond Door is a true manufacturer we can generally make any type of door and frame required to meet the customer's need.  And since we also are a hardware distributor, we also generally have access to any hardware requirements that go beyond our normal stocking items.  If certain brands and/or functions are needed we can also source those to ensure the complete project requirements are met.