Founded June of 2003, in Houston, Texas.  Diamond Door Product has become a leader in the steel door, frame and aluminum window industry.  In our manufacturing plant we utilize the most modern techniques and equipment to ensure the highest degree of quality in our products and safety for our employees.  We manufacture a wide range of products from standard stock products to very specialized, customer or market specific products. Streamlining our production lines gives us the ability to offer our customers shorter lead times and in turn offers them the opportunity to schedule and better plan their shipments, while reducing their inventory requirements.

The production facility covers over 64,000 sqft housed in a completely insulated and air-cooled building for a year round production.  With the implementation of our Quality Assurance Program we can attest to being true in our designs and specifications at every stage of production.  With over 90 years combined experience in doors, frames and hardware, our sales and production team are highly qualified to handle all your requirements.  We stand behind our products and service from quote to delivery to improve your productivity and help your company grow successfully.
Commercial Metal Doors