The Preassembled Door System has all the same quality components as the knock down system, but it's completely factory assembled.  The frame is assembled, the door is hung, all the hardware is applied, and a subframe system (framed opening) is added.  This allows the system to be installed in about 30 minutes.  Galvanealed doors and frames, insulated cores, baked-on color finish paint, and stainless steel hardware are just a few of the benefits you will find in the Marquise series.  

Diamond Knock Down Door Systems are designed for the most economical price points, but with the highest quality components.  Galvanealed doors and frames, a baken-on finish coat of paint, stainless steel or satin chrome finish hardware, and a large selection of options and accessories.  Knock down doors are provided in larger quantity stock programs or per individual project.  Many different options and selections help provide customer specific products within a complete program. 
Diamond also manufactures aluminum windows.  There are two basic windows:  ones built with a thermal break frame, and ones that have a solid nonthermal frame.  The thermal break prevents the conduction of hot or cold from the exterior side of the window to the inside.  It is only supplied with insulated glass - although with some options.  This window is primarily used in the northern climates, and into commercial oriented offices. The nonthermal windows are more economical and are more generally used in the south, and in structures not requiring the benefits of the thermal break frame.  This window has single pane or insulated glass options.  Windows come in fixed, horizonal sliders, single hung types.  The thermal break windows come in White or Bronze colors, while the nonthermal windows come in Bronze or Mill finishes.  Both windows have fins types designes to match the wall panel profile and be self flashing or to be installed in a framed opening.
Aluminum Windows